Welcome to Christadelphians of Tanzania

The Christadelphians (a word created from the Greek for "Brethren in Christ"; cp. Colossians 1:2 — "brethren in Christ") are a Christian group that developed in the United Kingdom and North America in the 19th century. The name was coined by John Thomas, who was the group's founder. Christadelphians hold a view of Biblical Unitarianism. The group has often been described as a form of Messianic Judaism, as they share many of their beliefs and hopes with Judaism; notably the promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Israel whilst they also believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah.

Although no official membership figures are published, the Columbia Encyclopedia gives an estimated figure of 50,000 Christadelphians, who are spread across approximately 120 countries; there are established churches (or ecclesias, as they are often called) in many of those countries, along with isolated members. Census statistics are available for some countries. Estimates for the main centres of Christadelphian population are as follows: United Kingdom (18,000), Australia (9,987), Malawi (7,000), United States (6,500), Mozambique (7,500), Canada (3,375), New Zealand (1,785), Kenya (1,700), India (1,500) and Tanzania (100). This puts the figure at around 57,000.

Today's Exhortation

THE JOYFUL SOUND Reading: Psalm 89

What a contrast there is between the attitude of mind exhibited by those faithless Israelites of whom we read from our first reading in Exodus and the outlook of the Psalmist whose glowing words we have read together from Psalm 89! The earlier record tells of people to whom had been shown all the wonders of the plagues on Egypt, who had been the subjects of a great and wonderful deliverance, and yet who had immediately forsaken their God to worship idols. Faith had not even taken root in them. They went astray almost as soon as they had been rescued. But in this Psalm we hear the song of one who was simply overflowing with joy because of the promises of God to His people. His heart is simply bubbling over with thanksgiving for the assurance of the Divine promise. His voice is lifted up in praise to the One who has not only redeemed them from Egypt but who has declared His intention to set up upon this earth the Kingdom of God. This coming Kingdom is all-important to the Psalmist. For him it is the one thing in life that really matters.

How right it is that we should try this morning to catch the spirit of this Psalm as we prepare to take the emblems upon the table! We are assembled here this morning before the Lord to remember all that He has done for us in Christ, and to identify ourselves with Christ in the appointed way. What is our frame of mind? We read what it ought to be in verse 7 of this Psalm: &quo